Here's what our customers had to say...

     "The best customer service I have experienced in a long time. We just got a fish tank and had no idea how to set it up or manage it. They took the time to find what fish would work best for us and gave us a detailed list of what we needed and why. They not only know what they're talking about, but they are amazing with their customers as well." ~Rebecca

     "This is a great store with great people running it. They are very informative and are always running specials and have some great corals and fish. If they don't have it they can get it for you! Very friendly, helpful, and respectful people!" ~Daniel

     "A great store and awesome staff, it was refreshing going into this place and finding such an educated crew. I find myself over researching any product I am about to purchase trying to find the best product at the best price, and in doing so I often find myself more educated on a product than the sales staff. Not the case here and even though starting a reef tank has many many variables involved and my knowledge is just enough to cause some real damage I have already gone into some "big box" stores and seemed to know more about what I needed than they did." ~Ryan

     "Absolutely awesome! Friendly crew and beautiful fish, coral and other assorted critters! Worth the drive wherever your coming from!
(PS. They will also help you at midnight when you find something creepy in your tank and freak out and FB msg them. Even after they have worked for like 48 hours bad guys.)" ~Betsy

     "It's An Amazing store with very knowledgeable people, I enjoy my visits to this laid back positive environment. Also the coral tank and it's specimens seem very healthy and alive. Excellent job guy's ;0)" ~Shelley

     "Excellent customer service from owner and fish enthusiast that buy there. I learned so much from them today, thanks!!" ~Crescent

     "I've been working with this store for a while now. The staff is beyond awesome and they make you feel like family." ~Jamie

    "The customer service is absolutely outstanding! I really appreciate that they won't let you buy something that wouldn't be good for your tank just to make a buck. We are brand new to tanks and could not have been nearly as successful as we have been thus far without the knowledge & advice of the staff (& friendly customers, too). The store's atmosphere is so homey, and I love the "family feel" once you've been in a few times. Thanks for everything, y'all!" ~Kati

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