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Need Tank Maintenance?

"I want my tank to look like that!"

Crystal Clear Water

Water Parameter Stability

Vibrant and Thriving Fish, Coral, and Plants

Biological Filtration (Bacteria, Pads, and Bio Rocks)

Chemical Filtration (Carbon, PhosGuard, and Purigen)

Mechanical Filtration (Lights, Pumps, Skimmers, Reactors, Powerheads, Filters, etc.)

Proper Dosage of Supplements and Elements

More Time to Enjoy Your Tank!

In-Home/Office (One visit) - $39.99

  • Up to 20 Miles & $.50 Per Additional Mile

  • Tank Check 

  • Water Test

  • Consultation

Hourly Rate - $59.99

  • Equipment Set-up

  • Installation

  • Aquascaping

  • Tank Move

  • Tank 101 

  • Plumbing

Tank maintenance


*4-40 Gallons $39.99

$1.00 Per Gallon

2-4 Times Per Month

*4-40 Gallons $34.99

$0.75 Per Gallon

Multiple and larger tanks, ask for details...

Maintenance Members

- Daily Deals -

1/2 OFF RO/DI Water - Fresh OR Salt

14 Day Fish Guarantee

10% OFF Dry Goods

20% OFF Livestock

30% OFF Neptune's Reef

Desmon's Reef Delight Fish Food

$25.00 Gift Card on Your B-Day!

Daily Deals are subject to a 6 month maintenance contract. Mileage applies up to 20 miles or $0.50/Mile after that. 30 day cancellation notice is subject to a 20% buy-out of remaining contract. PCS or Military Deployment (with military orders) voids contract.

If you're interested in scheduling maintenance or becoming a Maintenance Member, please take a minute to fill out this form to the best of your ability! We know, it's a little tedious, but it will save you some time!

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